How to change the USB port for the GPS

Here’s a quick guide on up a GPS receiver in one of my systems, or if you need to switch it to a different USB port on OpenCPN

In TelChart, you can lose the GPS port if you run the program without the GPS antenna connected. It’s an easy fix as follows.

  1. Plug in the GPS antenna into the desired USB port and give it time to install.
  2. Run TelChart.
  3. Top right corner, hit the yellow folder icon.
  4. Towards bottom right, hit the Setup tab.
  5. Find the drop down menu where it says “System setup”.
  6. Hit the drop down arrow there and select “Nmea data ports”.
  7. A window titled “Setup data ports” will popup.
  8. Check all the COM ports that are unchecked
  9. Press OK.
  10. Hit the “Auto reposition” button towards the top center right to center to enable auto follow.

Now you got this red track showing up from where the present location was.

  1. Open track which is the third icon from the top right.
  2. Hit delete.

You’re good to go!