Basic 12

At $250, this is most affordable system I carry. An 110V power adapter is included for free, while the 12V is optional. It’s not waterproof, but merely water resistant. It’s not made out of metal like the 10, and 13 inch units. I wouldn’t use this outside in the elements. The screen is not outdoor viewable, unlike some of the midrange and premium models. It gets the job done on an extreme budget. It can make for a nice starter or backup system. Midrange 12 does have a rotating screen.

You can add almost ALL of the upgrades and options to this model except for DVD, and backlit keyboard. Below, I suggest some common packages that people order at different price ranges. You can configure the unit as you please, and I will customize it to your particular needs. Every system is built just for you! Please contact me with any questions, or to order your system.

Sample Packages

Starter $395

  • Basic 12 $250
  • Basic GPS receiver $75
  • 12V power adapter $65

Standard $515

  • Basic 12 $250
  • Midrange GPS/GLONASS receiver $125
  • Raster & vector charts $75
  • 12V power adapter $65

Ultimate N/A

  • It doesn’t make sense to put one together for this model. Instead, consider getting the midrange 12, and configuring it appropriately!

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