We donate a percentage of our profit to charities, and encourage our clients to do so. We believe that running a business is not only about serving our clients and making money, but also about making the world a better place. Here, I list some of my personal favorites. These charities spend little on administrative and fund raising costs, so more of your money goes to supporting the cause. They are also transparent, so misuse of funds is out of the question.

  1. Feed My Starving Children – over 90% of donations go directly to feeding hungry kids worldwide. Shockingly, 3 million children still die every year from malnutrition. Let’s change it.
  2. Against Malaria Foundation – working to eradicate this terrible disease that we only hear of in the first world. Hundreds of thousands are dying every year from this treatable disease due to lack of access to drugs.
  3. BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – a local charity that cares for abandoned animals, and helps them find new homes. I also enjoy visiting the local shelter and playing with them 🙂
  4. Autism Speaks – facing this growing challenge in the developed world. So many families you know have been affected – let’s lessen the burden.
  5. Charity: Water – 100% of your donations go to providing access to clean and safe drinking water to those who need it most. This is likely one of the most cost-effective ways of helping people.

Please consider donating to make the world a better place! I am happy to provide you with a free (or heavily discounted) upgrade on some of the options as an incentive on your next order when you donate!

In addition, if you refer a friend and they get a unit from me, I will be happy to donate 10% of the sale price to your choice of the above 🙂