Docking station

First of all, I want to offer a cheap alternative to these: Velcro. The units have flat bases and a couple of strong strips of Velcro can hold any unit firmly on a dash. This still allows the unit to be easily removed.

The docking stations are not necessary in most cases, but can be helpful in mounting a system and nice to have. Each unit uses a different dock, but they all serve a similar purpose. Here’s some situation when they are helpful.

  1. Easily clip your system in and out of the dock. Secure and safe, yet easy to remove.
  2. You need additional ports such as multiple USB, VGA or HDMI (Premium 15, Midrange and Premium 12)
  3. If you need to mount your system at an angle or on a wall.
  4. When you mount the system on a smaller space than the footprint it needs.

Below are the photos of the relevant docks that fit various systems I offer. They are a flat $125 for any model. Please note that as this item is pretty bulky and heavy, it will likely increase the shipping cost somewhat.

Dock for midrange 10 and premium 10

Dock for midrange 13 and premium 13

Dock for midrange 12 and premium 12

Dock for midrange 15 and premium 15