Free GRIB Marine Weather

You can download FREE marine weather forecast GRIB files below. They are updated 4x daily at 0015, 0615, 1215, 1815 GMT and are for a 7 day duration. They are based on the National Weather Service, NOAA, Wave Watch III model yielding highly accurate forecasts. These GRIB files are compressed for low bandwidth using bzip2 format and take up less than 100 kb. All of my navigation laptops come with the software to unzip and display them. Out at sea, you could use something like a Garmin inReach to provide an internet connection to download them.

Even better, you can also customize the area you wish to download by using the xyGrib software, which is awesome! This way, you get an even higher detail level, and more customization.

Free marine weather GRIB file overlaid with marine charts in the West Atlantic

Free marine weather GRIB files download

US & Canada West Coastwindwave
Atlantic US & Caribbeanwindwave
Atlantic Canadawind | wave
Caribbean & Gulf of Mexicowind | wave
Drake Passagewind | wave
East Atlanticwind | wave
Great Lakeswind | wave
Northern Europewind | wave
Argentina & Chilewind | wave
South Africawind | wave
New Zealandwind | wave
Scandinaviawind | wave
Barents Seawind | wave
Baffin Baywind | wave
West Alaskawind | wave
Vancouver, BCwind | wave
Central North Pacificwind | wave
Central South Pacificwind | wave
Central Pacificwind | wave
West Pacificwind | wave
Chile & Peruwind | wave
Central Americawind | wave
South Atlanticwind | wave
Central Atlanticwind | wave
Madagascarwind | wave
Indian Oceanwind | wave
North Indian Oceanwind | wave
Kerguelen Islands South Indian Oceanwind | wave
South Australiawind | wave
Indonesia & Australiawind | wave
Indonesia & New Zealandwind | wave
North Japanwind | wave

The forecasts above courtesy of GlobalMarineNet, PredictWind, and NOAA. This is also an excellent resource for detailed Europe forecast files.

Free Sea Surface Temperature

Some of my clients who buy my navigation laptops have asked me about where they can get free Sea Surface Temperature (SST) for commercial fishing, and other applications. Therefore, I’ve made page which lists various sources and options for SST. I will try to update it as new sources become available. Please view this information here.

Need a system to load these into, or can’t figure out how to use them? Please contact me!

Free marine weather over radio

No subscription costs! However, check the coverage area.