Navionics app Canada on a GPS tablet, ready to use with charts

Each navigation tablet I supply comes loaded with Navionics app Canada & the charts you need. All systems are refurbished, with a 6 month warranty. In addition to taking a look at this page, please also consider the Panasonic Toughbook-based navigation laptops I offer. Those are great if you need radar, or a more rugged unit with an outdoor viewable display. Four navigation tablet sizes are available: 7″ $300 8″ $375 10″ $475 12″ $600 CAD, with additional options outlined below. Please note that the 7″ and 12″ are not always available, so please inquire. The 8 and 10 inch models are the most popular. Furthermore, feel free to contact me with any questions, and I would be happy to answer them.

Navigation tablet with Navionics app Canada capabilities 

  • Loaded with Navionics app Canada & the charts you need.
  • Extremely user friendly interface, suitable for beginners with both technology and boating.
  • Integrated GPS antenna for real time tracking anywhere.
  • Offline navigation anywhere without cell phone or WiFi signal.
  • Built in battery allows for handheld operation.
  • Touch screen with gesture support such as pinch zoom and more.
  • Easily chargeable from USB / 12V / 110V.
  • GPX import & export easily transfer routes from other chart plotters.
  • Сheck email, go online, watch videos, use other apps.
  • Compatible with many marine navigation apps for Android, such as the ones listed on my page here.

Any questions? Contact to ask, or order now!

Available navigation tablet hardware options

  • $30 12V power adapter (cigarette plug connection). *popular*
  • $40 12V waterproof USB power plug (wire it in).
  • $30 waterproof sleeve (not available for the 12 inch). *popular*
  • $50 storage upgrade. needed for an extensive chart coverage area, or multiple layers.
  • $50 Full HD+ resolution upgrade. Available only on 10″, subject to availability.
  • $50 hardware mini HDMI output for external displays. Adapts to HDMI via cable, subject to availability.
  • $50 GPS antenna upgrade with GLONASS support.
  • $225 wireless AIS receiver with antenna.
  • $100 external Bluetooth GPS antenna. Needed in rare circumstances, such as down below use with a metal hull.
  • WiFi transducer & fish finder:
  • Anti glare screen protectors – double check with me for dimensions please.
  • Wireless NMEA 0183 / 2000 multiplexers and adapters, explained! Interface with other NMEA devices.
  • Weather reports via your HF radio’s speaker – loads a satellite image offline!

Navigation tablet additional mapping options $100/each

  • Super detailed bathymetric charts (1 ft contours).
  • World charts for outside of US & Canada.
  • Topographic maps with elevations and hiking trails.
  • Satellite imagery high resolution from multiple sources.
  • Hunting maps with property lines and more.
  • Backroad maps such as forest service roads.
  • Aviation charts & maps.

Any questions about navigation tablet with Navionics app Canada? Contact to ask, or order now!