Portable chartplotter GPS – 7 to 15 inches

Are you looking for a portable chartplotter? I’ve supplied over 3000 such units: navigation laptops or navigation tablets! The units can be used in a portable fashion. They can also be mounted and secured temporarily when needed. All of my systems are ready to use, loaded with charts!

Portable chartplotter advantages

  1. Use one chartplotter on multiple vessels. Bring it with you to your friend’s boat.
  2. Use a single system at multiple stations on a single vessel!
  3. Hide the unit down below to prevent theft or damage.
  4. Take it home for planning and exploration.
  5. Use it flexibly wherever and whenever you need to!
  6. Systems I offer are much more affordable than Garmin and other common brand units!

I offer complete and ready to use systems with whatever charts you need. Just get in touch with me, and I’ll help you get an appropriate system for your needs.

Portable chartplotter & handheld GPS options

  1. Each system can be customized exactly to your needs.
  2. Navigation laptop models support marine radar.
  3. All units support NMEA 0183/2000 devices and display.
  4. Transducer (sonar) or even fish finder.
  5. Waterproof units for outside use in the elements are the 10 and 13 inch models.
  6. AIS transponder and receiver.
  7. Good selection of sizes from 7 to 15 inches, suitable for any boat size.

Please contact me with questions, or to order your unit today!

Popular portable chartplotter / handheld GPS models

8 inch chartplotter with Navionics

The navigation tablet units are the best for handheld GPS application.

Popular applications for my units

  • Fishing? Happy to help! 65%+ of my clients are commercial fishermen.
  • Cruising? Easy and convenient systems to get you anywhere safely.
  • Sailing? Higher draft vessels need to be more careful in shallow waters. I can help with that!
  • Deliveries? No problem, since my systems are easily transferable from boat to boat.
  • Back up system? I got very budget friendly options for that purpose.

Why get a navigation laptop or tablet from me?

My systems can be much more affordable than Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, Furuno, Humminbird, Raymarine, Si-Tex and will be supported forever! Furthermore, I believe that some of the commercial chart plotter brands gouge their customers. Companies force clients to upgrade by no longer supporting older units. In addition, they charge exorbitant fees for simple things like a bigger screen size. Take a look at other advantages as well.