Puget Sound charts

Are you looking for Puget Sound charts and other West Coast marine charts? Before you go to retail, talk to me first. Perhaps you can get a complete system from rather than just marine charts for more money from somewhere else. I supply marine GPS systems all over Washington with quick turn around times and around 2 business day standard delivery. All my navigation laptops and tablets come loaded with Puget Sound charts for you!

  • Fishing? Got you covered. 65%+ of my clients are commercial fishermen.
  • Cruising? Easy and convenient systems to get you anywhere safely.
  • Sailing? Higher draft vessels need to be more careful in shallow waters. Got you covered.
  • Deliveries? No problem, since my systems are easily transferable from boat to boat.
  • Back up system? I got very budget friendly options for that purpose.
  • Do you want travel the Pacific Coast, including British Columbia? No problem, I got charts for anywhere.

Get in touch with me and I’ll advise you on something that would work well for your needs. There’s a lot of options I have, from affordable models to higher end outdoor viewable systems. My systems are very user friendly and quick to learn. Video tutorials are available, and I’m always here to help.

Please contact me with questions or to order a unit!

Examples of Puget Sound charts

Puget Sound chart - NOAA ENC vector chart Puget Sound chart - Navionics chart Puget Sound chart - NOAA RNC raster chart

Some Puget Sound charts sources

  1. Online NOAA chart viewer to check out the chart in the second picture above interactively.
  2. Online Navionics chart viewer. This is what I have on my tablet systems.
  3. Paper charts – dinosaurs only.

Why use a navigation laptop as a chart plotter?

My navigation laptops can be much more affordable than GarminLowranceSimradB&GFurunoHumminbirdRaymarineSi-Tex. I will also support the GPS laptop your purchase forever! Furthermore, I believe that some of the commercial chart plotter brands gouge their customers. Large companies force their clients to upgrade. They stop supporting older units with chart and software updates. In addition, they charge outrageous fees for simple things like a larger screen size. I don’t do any of these things, and never will – guaranteed! Moreover, please take a look at other advantages as well. A GPS laptop can offer a compelling alternative to major brands!